Almost every usage, but is most noticeable in gaming where constant fluctuation in framerate cause distracting artifacts. With a Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, and G-Sync, Dell is diving in feet first. This monitor represents their first foray into adaptive synchronization technology through G-SYNC, it is backed by a well-reviewed support structure and it comes at a Any Condition Any Condition. Lowest input lag possible at the center of the screen, when the monitor is using its Variable Refresh Rate feature at its native resolution.

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The only visual indication that gaming is a focus is the nVidia G-Sync sticker on the gray base.

Dell S2716DG

Under that charging port is a headphone out jack. In sleep mode this light pulses slowly. By AsiaOne on January 21, 80 Overall, the Dell matches its rivals in terms of features and performance. I Will never go back to P after this. Overall, this response time is very fast, even better than most gaming monitors. Editors Didn’t Like Poor viewing angles in vertical mode Poor black levels and contrast Poor value Rivals have higher quality.

The amount of bleed that appears across the screen horizontally. Luminosity pattern when displaying images. The brightness fares a bit better, but users shouldn’t expect the SDG to remain accurate off-axis. Show More Show Less. For this reason, the SDG is better suited for a well-lit environment, as the ambient light will make the low contrast ratio effect less apparent.


Its brightness and black levels of nits and 0. The picture mode that was used to do the pre-calibration reading.

The SDG has a better than average gray uniformity, as seen in our test pictures. The color temperature is a measure of the color of light. Angle where the colors noticeable shift compared to when viewed from directly in front of the monitor.

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This is a decent monitor for office use. Image retention measured after a recovery time of 2 minutes. Feature that allows the monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with the input device’s output and reduces stuttering and screen tearing.

I end up s2716xg pivoting the monitor each time I press one if I forget to brace it with my other hand along the top. You’re unlikely to notice its presence when displaying large vertically oriented elements of uniform color or fine grid pattern.

When there’s fast movement on screen, such as during video games and sports. Additional features s2716cg on the monitor. Flickering pattern at different luminosities. Bright living rooms; bright objects; SDR content. The out of the box accuracy could be better, but this can be fixed if the monitor is calibrated.


Almost every usage, but is most noticeable in gaming where constant fluctuation in framerate cause distracting artifacts. The higher the better — and they have to throw in adaptive display tech, s7216dg.

Dell SDG TN Monitor | eBay

The Samsung can display deeper blacks in a dark room due to the higher contrast ratio and local dimming support. Updated May 23, While the Dell SDG uses a high p resolution and is decently accurate out of the box, its low contrast and blotchy blacks mean it won’t look great in the dark. If you will be sitting directly in front of the monitor and your primary usage will be gaming, then get the Dell SDG, but for usages where viewing angles are of importance, the Dell UH is a better choice.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Type of LCD technology used by the monitor.