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There have been many more cases where a USB cable stopped working half-way through a day in the field.

I have started to use Ardour and the problem is the Jack server apparently does not recognize my digitech rp pedalboard connected through USB. Apparently Jack server is working fine since I’ve been able to record something from Yoshimi and the RP driver is OK as well, since Audacity works fine with it. In addition to lowering your latency time, I also recommend disabling the Selective Suspend option for your cable. But in the Jack server in order to use Ardour only appears in the “Alsa” tab, but never in the “Audio” tab.


USB-Programmer Set für Deltacam/Unicam/Maxcam / usw. – digitec

The Community terms and conditions apply. The thing now is I got some delay between my guitar and the sound output through the speakers and the gain seems to be very very low unless I use some middle software like Rakarrack.

Please click directly on the programner data to access the registration form. You’re not connected to the Ptogrammer.

The obtained latency is displayed in the bottom right: The driver for FTDI chips allows you to lower the latency time on packets.


It’s therefore not possible to upgrade an Infinity USB to support phoenix mode. Choose the topics that interest you most. Make sure you have the right privileges logged in as Administrator to install a driver.

Product ratings Overall rating. For example, there are three types of problems that you may encounter when using a USB to RS adapter: This programmer is sold as a Progrsmmer No warranty or support. Programmers Please note that no advice will be supplied in programming or using any programmers.

I didn’t do anything special, I just installed the management software as I did in Ubuntu Is software available for Linux or MacOS? Just select it and close and restart Qjackctl: This is a Phoenix Programmer with a 3. Because off-brand chips with poor drivers are unreliable, Campbell Scientific recommends and currently sells a cable using an FTDI chip part number USB to RS adapters are commodity pieces of computer equipment.


When programming a card, the following error occurs: Supplied without instructions, software or manual.

It gets it’s Power only from the USB cable also integral You can use this tool to program many cards for example all of the following. Share This Article Email. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

How to Handle Common Issues with USB to RS Adapter Cables

This ensures that your return or case can be processed as quickly and easily as possible. Programming unit for the Unicam CI Module.

It has an integral Serial Lead. Although there are two primary companies that manufacture USB to RS adapter chips, there are many cable manufacturers who offer varying levels of cable quality. View all articles by this author.

Overview Ratings 2 Questions 1. Not compatible with Vista onwards.