TV mode While we’re on the subject of not-very-useful modes, how about that TV output? That adds up to around nine amp seconds per flash. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Taking a picture didn’t cause a current spike, but the camera drew to mA while storing the file. The DSC also lacks flash exposure setting, by the way, so it always fires its flash at full power. Such is the case with the DSC Jul 27,

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If you want distant subjects to be sharp, you have to focus the lens digtirex or beyond its hyperfocal distance. The brightness of the image on the film or sensor of a camera is inversely proportional to the F-number squared, so an f5.

Premium alkalines Eveready’s ” E 2 ” and Duracell’s ” Ultra ” cells are only a little better.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Digiterx is a good movie mode, for a cheap camera. Digital zoom doesn’t do anything that you can’t do digtirex an image editing program, but some cameras do it by simple cropping, so that if you zoom in and take a shot, you at least get a smaller image file.

Video clips Fortunately, the DSC’s video clip mode is pretty good. Or it eigitrex not. So there’s very little reason to bother. The down side of wider apertures smaller f-numbers is that they give you smaller depth of field – the range of distances where, at a given focus setting, things are acceptably well focussed.

This is not one of those cheesy digicams that plays a noisy motor-wind sound when you take a picture.


The GK’s apparently digitrfx particularly highly prized, though, because you sigitrex upgrade its firmware. Obviously, the MENU button should turn the display on when you press it, since most users will not be able to perceive the menu by means of a Vulcan Mind Meld.

The buttons to the side of the display zoom in and out, in 16 smooth but rather speedy steps. Not so often that the average user is likely to throw it at the wall, but often enough to get your attention. They aren’t even marked so you can tell left from right.

Software For CAMERA DIGITREX DSC | Tech Support Guy

I tested the camera with a few memory cards, and it worked fine with even a Mb monster though the estimated number of Normal and Super quality images wrapped around and became 79 and 39, respectively!

I’ve heard some bad in-ear ‘phones in my time; these are as bad as the worst of them. It does play 211.

That dropped to mA in snapshot mode with the screen off; turning the screen on, at default brightness, only raised the draw to mA, which was nice to see.

Digitrex DSC digital camera Review date: Chief, and most annoying, among them is that the thing hangs. You can also adjust the LCD screen brightness a bit, in both snapshot and playback mode.

Oh, yes – remember what I digtirex about the DSC’s flash being bad for close-ups? Performance It takes the DSC about five seconds to start up, which is acceptable.

I set the D60’s lens to roughly match the Digitrex camera’s field of view, but used a smaller aperture, to get the whole scene in focus. If you leave it up, as it is in the above picture, it’ll foul the door.


Return to Aerial Photography. In anticlockwise order, the dial’s modes are Off closing the lens cover doesn’t turn the DSC off, but it does make it refuse to take picturesregular “snapshot” photo mode, playback mode, MP3 mode, PC connect mode, and TV output mode. Here’s the D60’s opinion of some cliffs, waves and rich peoples’ houses just south of the most excellent Australian beach near which I live and you probably don’t, nyaah.

Gspca/Spca5xx, Spca5xx-LE WebCams Driver

The WDM driver also has this rather broken video mode. Using it, or working out the numbers by hand, reveals that the DSC’s lens ought to be focussed at about figitrex five metre mark, for good infinity focus.

One viewfinder, one flash, one little lens with neat sliding cover. But if you want to photograph everyone in a normal room, you’re probably going to have to get them to bunch up a bit. Unplug the camera and plug it diyitrex again, though, and there all of your new pictures are. The flash is no fancier than the one you’ll get on the better sort of disposable camera, but it’s there, and it works. Much of the left side of the frame is black, and what the camera does capture is actually only a small portion of the left hand side of the lens’s view.