In prefetch mode it can load one additional cache line from RAM for each access. I did some informal testing to see what speed improvements I get with overclocking. Retrieved from ” https: There is no test which could prove the existence of the 2 clock delay mentioned on page So any day now I should expect to see a youtube video of an overclocked XO bursting into flames and exploding. Advanced Micro Devices x86 microprocessors Embedded microprocessors.

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Retrieved from ” http: There mostly is a reason CPUs are sold at a specific clock frequency.

AMD Geode LX

That’s called “Death on arrivals”. What’s even odder, I got two – one for each of my kids, and they both do the same thing. The Geode NX, with its strong FPU, is particularly suited for embedded devices with graphical performance requirements, such as information kiosks and casino gaming machines, such as video slots.

The instruction and data L1 TLBs are both entry, fully associative. Advanced Micro Devices x86 microprocessors Embedded microprocessors. It can increase sequential read speed, but the latence for random access will be increased in that case.

I would not suggest overclocking in Mali or Sudan, but in Peru, at higher elevations where its cold and wet, the speed does make a difference.


That’s why there’s always some additio ….

There are many applications were left out just because there is not enough power. Download [1] from [2]. Winter March 27, 7: I’m pretty sure the OLPC engineers already thought of this and ran into problems, otherwise they’d have shipped it overclocked.

Now before you get crazyoverclocking a CPU isn’t without risk – it may cause stability problems, data errors, and possibly hardware damage, and will generate excessive heat, a concern with the passively cooled XO laptop. A little sanity here, please? The main disadvantage would be heat generation.

LX brought many improvements, such as higher speed DDR, a re-designed instruction pipe, and a more powerful display controller. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat If the queue is full then it stalls the IU.

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The MMX operations are special because there are synchronized ones which use 32 bit IU registers directly I invented this name for them. Wayan March 27, Views Read Px View history. On the other hand, OLPC’s target market, children in the developing world who don’t have a Dell or Xbox for comparison, don’t seem to mind. If you tell me what did you buy and from whom, perhaps I will have a suggest ….

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Both tablets are not working. Register reads for data operand address calculations are performed during this stage.


However, they have come under competitive pressure from VIA on the x86 side, and ARM processors from various vendors taking much of the low-end business.

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On average, I saw a About the tablet Specifications Buying Help using Support for. Incomments by AMD indicated that there are no plans for any future micro architecture upgrades to the processor and that there will be no successor; however, the processors will still be available with the planned availability of the Geode LX extending through Indicates instruction length back to the Prefetch Unit, allowing the Prefetch Unit to shift the appropriate number of bytes to the beginning of the next instruction.

That’s the entire point.

But given how hard it is at present to obtain replacement parts for your XO, are you willing to risk frying the CPU?