However, I still can’t see the vdisk after I preset the Host. Our network team is facing challenge in pinging the management port on the storage. I never thought to ask about the EVA Batteries. Is there anything else I can do here? Here are more details:

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I don’t know much about this, but it might be the Server Host that has the problem. If its possible then please provide the commands or steps to do the same.

Martin, I appreciate all your help Someone has got to try it? Don’t forgot to close out this Thread and thanks for assigning Points! How can I establish quorum if it won’t let me add a virtual manager? The MPIO is installed. I have an HP Storage with me connected to Cisco nexus 2k.


My understanding is that I need to add the one that appears in the switchshow result, no? Just click this link, this will forward you to the hpe. Are you the publisher?


Browse the Latest Snapshot. That’s what I did first time, but should I try the second one, that starts with ??? I might call HP to see if I get any help from them.

Solved: HP HSV SCSI Array Device – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Although this does work. Also, I created Disk groups, vdisks, and hoasts. Slot 2 PCI bus 11, device 0, function 1 Model:. Articles on this Page showing articles to of I would like to know whethet its possible to modify the speed and duplex type of the management port on the storage usign CLI or GUI.

Host Bus Adapter 0: Thank you so much for your help! Martin, I have these two WWNs for this server: Any attempts to remove the failed node results in “Could not send the command because there is no quorum Any help is appreciated.

HP HSV SCSI Array Device – driver required – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

If they do not show up after deleting them, then there is a problem with the zoning. Slot 2 PCI bus 11, hp hsv scsi array 0, function 0 Model: P node failed in 3 node cluster – no quorum. Here you get the firmware of the EVA.


Gsv200, I’m rebuilding the zoning on my switches to see maybe that helps. Second one, where can i check the “queue length” of my StoreVirtual Adapters? I’m pretty sure I would have had some issues withouth them.

Bothe servers are DL G5. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Now i’ve got questions about the “Queue Depth” paramter showing in performance monitor.

Online Host Bus Adapter 1: As long as your zoning is correct and CV see’s the other hosts it should show up there too. Martin, I have these two WWNs for this server: