Tell us what’s missing. Updates areposted to the HP website http: A natural consequence of the striping process is that each physical drive in agiven logical drive will contain the same amount of data. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Page 13 Configuring an Array4. IndexGgrounding methods 52AHadding drives 33ADU Array Diagnostics Utility 35array capacity expansion 33array concepts 39array, configuring 9automatic data recovery rebuild 27, 29hard drive LEDs 23, 24hard drive, adding 33hard drive, failure of 25hard drive, replacing 27hard drives 24hard drives, adding 33hard drives, determining status of 23CLcompromised fault tolerance 26configuring an array 9controller duplexing 48Ddata protection methods 42, 48data recovery 26, 2. To make the new logical drives available for data storage,format them using the instructions given in the operating systemdocumentation.

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Perform drive capacity upgrades smrt during periods of minimal systemactivity. Therefore, replacedrives during periods of low activity when possible. The ORCA mainmenu is displayed, allowing you to create, view, or delete a logical drive.

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385836-001 HP SCSI Smart Array 6i Controller Card

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Replace any failed drives. HTML clipboard S uper offer. Buy with confidence, we offer 30 days money back return policy. To provide properground, wear the strap snug against the skin.


Locations and Taxes – NJ Residents, please add 6. The server is now ready to use. When anyother physical drive in the array fails, the controller automatically rebuildsinformation that was originally on the failed drive to the online spare. After several seconds, the Configuration Saved screen appears. Updates areposted to the HP website http: Press the Enter key to continue.

System amart is affected during the rebuild, and the system is unprotectedagainst further drive failure until the rebuild has finished. Remove the cache module from the server. HP shall not be liable fortechnical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Drive Arrays and Fault-Tolerance Methods47This method is most smsrt when data loss is unacceptable but cost is also animportant factor.

After you have replaced the failed drives, fault tolerance may again becompromised. If you have recommendations or suggestions how we can improve our service, we are ready to cooperate to make our transaction and future transactions successful.

HP Smart Array 6i Embedded Controller : Smart Array 6i Controller User Guide

Page 40 HP Smart Array 6i Controller User GuideWith an array controller installed in the system, the capacity of several physicaldrives can be combined into one or more virtual units called logical drives alsocalled logical volumes and denoted by Ln smxrt the figures in this section. Restore all data from backup.


If the POST message isdisplayed: It takes approximately days for items to be delivered to specified countries. HP Smart Array 6i Controller User GuideThis configuration is useful when cost, performance, and data availability areequally important. Page 34 HP Smart Array 6i Controller User GuideThe expansion process is illustrated in the following figure, in which the originalarray containing data is controllet with a dashed border and the newly added drives containing no data are shown unshaded.

Remove the BBWC module cache module and battery pack from the failedserver. For conceptual information about arrays, logical drives, and fault-tolerancemethods, refer to “Drive Arrays and Fault-Tolerance Methods on page However, this LED also illuminates when other problems occur,such as when a fan fails, a redundant power supply fails, or the systemoverheats.

Newly created logical drives are invisible to the operatingsystem. Tell us what’s missing.

If a physical drive fails, the remaining drive in the mirrored pair canstill provide all the necessary data. To replace the battery pack: Bitte, fragen Sie die Versandkosten vor dem Kauf.