Remote control unit AXD See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Enter new internet radio station on the Internet Radio Setup. Switch the network device on before the receiver. It is a good idea to make sure that the settings made in Automatically setting up for surround sound Auto MCACC on page 34 are correct. ZONE 2 With these connections you can simultaneously enjoy 5.

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Note 1 Depending on the positions of the speakers and the sound source, in some cases it may not be possible to achieve good results.

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Check the digital format indicators in the front panel display to see how the source is being processed. No sound is output from the Speaker B in this mode. Listen to the reference speaker and use it to measure the target channel. Home THX is designed to make home theater audio sound more like what you hear in a cinema.

When the preset code is input, the LED flashes three times to indicate that the setting has failed. Use the front panel controls to do this. It is turned off with the light button.

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In this case, the various settings made on the receiver may be cleared. If in any doubt, please consult a qualified electrician. Adjusting the speaker orientation Speaker Setting Guide In order to achieve an even better surround effect, it is important to accurately position the speakers and make their volume and tone characteristics uniform so as to finely focus the multi-channel sound.


If you are doing this for the first time, you may want to adjust these settings in order: The Internet Radio Setup screen is displayed. Output speakers are different depending on the input signal or listening mode. These must be removed when you are bi-amping vc-6147 speakers or you could severely damage the amplifier. Sound Retriever Air compensates for reduced sound quality due to compression when sending Bluetooth signals.

If so, re-attach the speaker wires, making sure there are no stray strands. Placing the speakers Refer to the chart below for placement of the speakers you intend to connect. The command sequence you programmed will run, then all Pioneer components will switch off3, followed by this receiver switch of all the zones becomes off. Switch on the Bluetooth wireless technology device that you want to make pair, place it near the receiver and set it to the pairing mode.

If the power switches off even with 2 switched on, turn down the volume.

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Bare wire connections 1 Twist exposed wire strands together. Some components that are compatible with HDCP still cause this message to be displayed, but so long as there is no problem with displaying video this is not a malfunction.


For Multi fc-6147, press the input function you wish to program for example, if you want to start the sequence by switching on your DVD player, press DVD. However, Display Power Off will activate the settings set forth in step 7 below.

See Setting the Audio options on page 54 to adjust them.

Back to home page Return to top. THX engineers developed patented technologies to accurately translate the sound from the movie theatre environment into the home, correcting the tonal and spatial errors that occur. Checking your system settings. No sound Symptom Remedy No sound lumatorn output when an input function is selected.

Setting the backlight lumateon. If NO is selected, the memory is not copied. Select the same passcode as the Bluetooth wireless technology device you wish to connect. For DVD-Audio, the speakers should be more directly behind the listener than for home theater playback.

Front Bi-Amp A 9.